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If the outfitter is to supply rifles for the client, this will be at a fee of USD30.00 per rifle per day or USD150.00 per rifle for the duration of the hunt.

The client will be held liable for any damage incurred to the rifle or scope due to negligence on the client’s part. Bullets are at cost per box.

Minimum calibres:

  • Small species including impala is .243W.
  • Medium species up to Red Hartebeest is .270W.
  • Large species requires a minimum calibre of 300 H&H or larger.
  • Big five/ dangerous game, minimum required is 375 H&H or larger.


Bows are to be minimum 60lb draw weight, and minimum arrow speed 220fps with arrow of 350 grains including 90 grain broad head. Mechanical broad heads are not recommended. All prices exclude dipping and shipping charges. Clients will be advised on the rates at the time of enquiring to ensure that they have enough funds after the hunt to cover the return of their trophies. Any animals shot including any wounded and lost are to be paid for, at the full price by the client. Your stay and activities will be entirely at your own risk.

No hunting without a guide accompanying the hunter is allowed. Hunting is on the basis of glassing and walk and stalk or ambush hunting.

We only accept cash or electronic transfer. (No credit card facilities are available)

**NB** With regard to SAPS Ammunition and Rifle Import Permits please follow the following process carefully in order to avoid long delays at the airport.

  • Obtain an export permit from your local authorities.
  • Forward the necessary signed documentation to our address
  • We will on your behalf obtain the required paperwork

Latest firearm importation legislation

At your request and should you complete all the required documentation this process can be handled by PHASA for a fee of USD140 per person. (This process needs to initiated 6 weeks prior to arrival)

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