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Crown River Safaris has been a premier hunting destination for the last 20 Years and caters for bow and rifle hunting. The nature of the terrain and topography provides well worn game paths, while the cover lends itself to walk and stalk and ambush hunting with the emphasis on getting close.

Here the ethical bow hunter and his/her quarry have an equal chance, while blinds and certain lookout points are strategically placed to be most effective. Crown River prides itself in the “Mac nab”, the ultimate test. From sun up to sun down, you have the challenging opportunity to catch a fish, shoot a bird and hunt an antelope, all of which is possible for the skilful outdoorsman.

River lodge provides direct access to sunset cruises and fishing at your doorstep. The view extends upriver and often bush dwelling antelope are seen grazing along the riverbank.

the lodge



Pricing for Lion, Hippo, Crocodile, Elephant, Leopard & Rhino is available on request and subject to availablity.


The total hunting area comprises 150,000 hectares in malaria free South Africa.

Both SCI and/or Rowland Ward trophies have been achieved for all species and the hunt remains challenging and a soul enriching experience.

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The Crown River philosophy is driven by making quality and lasting friendships, bringing guests closer to nature and ensuring that they experience enduring memories.

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